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We offer comprehensive Business Coaching & Mentoring to small & medium companies and their staff. We cover: Product Launch, from designing a website to practical aspects of running a business; Stress Management; Time Management; Leadership Skills; Communication Skills; Life/ Work Balance; Increasing Productivity In Workplace and much more! We are also digitally empowering individuals & businesses to retain control over their businesses by running workshops & courses on Web Design, Blog & Social Media Set Up. As the company is led by a professional coach, its core aim is to educate, guide and coach.

Business Coaching & Mentoring

For Small & Medium Businesses

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Have you got a Business Idea?

We will:

  • Help you choose suitable name for your business;
  • Design your logo;
  • Register your new domain (website);
  • Create your new website for you, or
  • Teach you how to design your website from scratch!
  • Give you Social Media advice & guidance;
  • Offer you Workshops and training on setting up Social Media Channels;
  • And much more!


Why do we train people In Web Design?

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It’s simple: To Empower, Educate & Save Money!

Website Design & Programming Hourly Fee in the UK, 2015:

  • Non e-commerce website (a site that doesn’t sell products or services): Around £1000- £1500;
  • E-commerce website (a site that sells products or services): £3000
  • Average Programmer hourly fee for follow-up/ editing work in the UK: £150- £250
  • Your savings if you learn designing yourself: £2000+

Basic WordPress Skills Workshop

Web Design & Blogs

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Intense 1-Day-Long WordPress Training

Suited to Web Design & Blogs

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Ultimate 2-Day-Long WordPress Training

Go Home With This Same Web Design!

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Starting from just £300 per site!

Complete Web Design Services 

Build To Your Exact Requirements!

  • Fully Responsive;
  • Clean & Sharp Layout;
  • Beautiful Designs;
  • Host Of Features;
  • E-Commerce
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Social Media Services

Complete Social Media Services

Full Individual & Corporate Training On Social Media Or Have It Done For You!




Fun Social Media Stuff!

Ask For Your Own!

1.35 Billion Monthly Active Facebook Users
284 Million Monthly Active Twitter Users
1 Billion Monthly Active YouTube Users

Why Choose Us For Your Needs?

When we train and coach you in digital world, you will always have a finished product at the end of it. Clean, responsive, eye-catching and practical products to take home with you.

Our most popular courses & workshops are:

  • Create Brand-New Website on WordPress Platform;
  • WordPress Training For Beginners;
  • Blog: Create a new blog, integrate with Social Media links, start blogging;
  • Social Media;
  • Have It Done For You By Our Team!
More About Us

Meet Workshop Leader, Coach & Trainer Ivana Franekova

Life Coach IvanaIvana Franekova, the founder of ‘Company Teacher’ is a Personal & Business Coach based in Central London.

Ivana has been self-employed for the past 13 years. As a single mum and at the age of 25, she set up her own Market Stall at Camden Lock Market, selling Glass Nail Files. Within a year, the business had spread to other famous London Markets, including Portobello, Spitalfields and Covent Garden. Ivana also ran seasonal stalls at a few shopping centres, such as Harlequin Watford and Queensway. Eventually Ivana closed her retail market business after 11 years and wrote an e-book on ‘How to set up your own Market Stall’, which sold a few hundred copies.

Originally a paediatric nurse, Ivana wanted to retrain to work within Helping Therapies again. Life Coaching seemed the best option, as it enabled her to utilise Business Experience & Expertise that was needed when marketing her new coaching business.

Ivana graduated with a‘Diploma in Life Skills Coaching- Advanced’ in 2012 and set up as a Personal Life Coach to start with. However, as she was still heavily involved in marketing & business side, she decided to take on Business Coaching as well. Her clients are mainly Small & Medium businesses who benefit from her own experience, expertise and tried & tested techniques. Each client that comes through the door is given 100% dedication, help and knowledge. Ivana works not only on client’s business, but also on the client, making sure the client is confident and believes in himself, his skills and his business.

We aim to take small & start-up businesses literally by hand and lead them into the digital world with confidence.
Personal & Business Coach Ivana Franekova leads workshops on WordPress Web Design, Blogging and Social Media.
We are a team of programmers & designers to cater for your needs. A wide range of products and services is available.

Products available to Buy & Download immediately-

start learning within minutes!

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  • Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Running A Market Stall;

  • Start with less than £500;

  • Advice on researching markets, products, import, self-employment;

  • Click Here to learn more!

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